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So the person outside of DA that I talked about in my last journal a few weeks back, who bought a character from me?
I refunded her/him the amount that (s)he had paid for. Hopefully (s)he don't send the money back.

I refunded her/him because:

- She/He refused to provide any evidence of the character being in use.

- Broke/Violated our Contract/Agreement & my TOS.

- When I confronted her/him about my concern of her/him violating the contract we had agreed to before and during the purchase of the character a month or two back, (s)he said that the character was in good hands and were using the character, when I asked for evidence, (s)he ignored me/changed the subject and didn't answer me whenever the topic was brought up but answered me about any other topic.

- Since her/his purchase back in May; 5 months went by and no hard evidence of the character being in use still. I asked kindly for her/him to provide me some proof; weither it be personal doodles or what the hell ever they were using the character for, I just wanted some proof so I felt weight off my shoulders, so that I know I have no reason to fear about the home the character is currently in. 

The person was just overall making up excuses and stalling me so that (s)he didn't have to lose the character due to any TOS/Contract violations (s)he had made if any were made,etc.

Instead, (s)he consumed time and stalled me every now and again that I'd check in to see if her/his claim about the character being in use was correct/true or not. It obviously was false. (Saying (s)he's getting a fursuit from her/his ex mate for Xmas). I,then asked the fursuit maker for evidence and the person who was 'supposedly' getting the fursuit for evidence as well and neither of them provided any.

(S)he, then, told me that I wasn't being professional about this and suggested I'd hit her/him up on skype and even said that they were more active on there than FA in case I assumed that they were purposely ignoring me or not.

I eventually added him/her on skype and messaged him/her that we should talk this out.

I then, knew that they were lying because they haven't accepted my request or responded to my messages about talking this out.
If "being more active on skype" were true, she/he would've responded and accepted my request.
But yet, read my note I sent them on FA ; but it took her/him TWO WEEKS to read it.

I told her/him that if they continue to use the character after I had refunded them, I would nail them for theft.

I honestly think 5 months is enough time to provide hard/solid evidence of a character being in use. Especially if one has "art-block" or whatever going on in their lives outside the internet.

I hope what I did was right....
Would you have done the same if someone were to break/violate a contract/agreement you had with them?
On how extremely childish people are on here! MAKES ME LAUGH!

Writing huge walls of text and then blocking someone AFTERWARDS, just no! You haven't won an argument just by blocking someone. DUMBASS xtinxon !~

My response to you:

"You don't have to ask if others are harassing me over or not. The point is, ASK WHY THERE's a delay or check and see if there's a reason behind it. Don't be fucking rude about it. Jesus.

These people either noted me our asked outside of DA. It doesn't have to be ON DA for you to see for yourself.

You're allowed to ask, but check before asking.

excuse me but there is a journal, maybe I took it down... Who knows? But I did post one a few days ago saying that I'm going through a rough patch outside of DA and it'd be on hold till I felt better and people did comment saying they'll support me but some were fucking rude about it, so I took it down.

I HAVE A LIFE outside of DA! I'm not gonna do shit when people want me to; weither there's a deadline of my contest or not. I'd appreciate it if people had consideration of other's feelings before taking actions such as bitch and complain and nag me about the contest. I know the deadline and when it was going to end. Some needed more time because of their outside lives and I understood it.

Excuse me? I don't mind if people speak to me, just as long as they're being fucking respectful and understanding about it and kind.
I'm allowed to hold the contest, I am the person who'd be paying you for your entry,if I liked it enough.

I'll be snippy to contestants when they behave like children and tell me what I SHOULD OR SHOULDN'T DO. It's my contest. I do what I wish, those who enter, should respect the holder of the contest. If they simply can't and are nothing but rude, don't join to begin with. You didn't win, nobody did. I didn't click with any entries. Some who've joined, backed out. Especially when my RULES say that you can't. They do anyways. Of coarse I'm going to be nasty with those kind of people because they're violating simple rules.

It's your problem for not reading it when it was posted and it was there for a 3-4 days. Your issue if you don't check in at all!~
You're issue for approaching rudely.

Now good day. I'm not wasting my time explaining to you. You don't run my contest or my life. I'll do what I want. If you don't like shit, gtfo and don't join contests for YOUR FUTURE REFERENCE! if you're going to be rude to those who're hoisting the contest!~"

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